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Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Compadre is a very popular variety of Zoysia grass which continues its rise in popularity, this is due to many sought after features including its excellent color, ease of lawn care maintenance, lush density, resistance to wear, and its drought tolerance.

As a warm season grass it is best suited to the Northern Transition Region and the warmer Southern States. While it does tolerate shade quite well, this grass always prefers and is best suited to sunny areas. Zoysia Compadre is also fast becoming a first choice for playfields and parks.

When compared to many other grass types, this lawn variety has a lower requirement for fertilizers, can survive on lower watering times and is very adaptable in it's mowing heights which can be anywhere between 1 - 2 1/2 inches.

Creating A New Zoysia Compadre Lawn

Creating a new Zoysia Compadre lawn can be far easier than many other Zoysia grass types. Unlike many other Zoysia grasses, Zoysia Compadre can be easily grown from seed or plugs which results in a far lower establishment cost to the homeowner. There are no special requirements for establishing a new lawn other than those required for all new lawn types.

Origins Of Zoysia Compadre

Zoysia Compadre is the culmination of the work of Jack Murray at the USDA, it blends two variations of the Zoysia japonica strain to create a lawn type which is far more robust for home lawn environments, is much easier to grow from seed, is much easier to propagate at turf farms, and in home lawns from plugs.

Zoysia Compadre Mixed With Tall Fescue

Zoysia Compadre was once named Zoysia Companion, and there's a very good reason for this. Zoysia Compadre was originally created to be a companion to a Cool Season turf. For this purpose it works very well, with the greatest benefits arising when it is mixed with Tall Fescue. This seed or sod blending gives Zoysia Compadre another great advantage other than those which the lawn variety already excels from. As Zoysia becomes more dormant in the Winter, the Tall Fescue begins to flourish at the same time, which enables the homeowner to have a lush, green beautiful lawn all year round.

The same advantages do not occur when the lawn is mixed with all Cool Season grass types, nor with all Fescues. If the homeowner does wish to create a blended lawn in this way, the Tall Fescue is the only real choice in order to achieve the greatest results from a blend with Zoysia Compadre