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Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass is a high quality warm season turf grass which is commonly in use across the warmer regions of the United States. There are two commonly used cultivars, one was originally imported from Manilla and was known for many years by its namesake and simply called Manilla Grass. The other variety, and the one most commonly in use today was imported from China in the late 1800's, known by its botanical name of Zoysia japonica, which has proved over time to be a superior species for lawn use. The name Zoysia probably began being marketed to differentiate the latter cultivar from the Manilla Grass that many people already knew about.

Zoysia is only suitable for warmer climates and will not survive in the colder regions. But as a Warm Season turf it has a great tolerance to drought, often out-surviving many other Warm Season lawn types such as Saint Augustine. When it does become under stress, Zoysia will curl up its leaves much sooner than any other lawn types, this allows it to retain its moisture inside the lawn plant more efficiently than other lawns, and thus survive longer in a drought.

The leaf shape and color of Zoysia is also unique and pleasing, it has a medium width leaf blade which then elongates sharply into a pointy tip. Zoysia also retains its unique close-to-olive color very well over many different types of conditions and temperatures. In Winter lawns, Zoysia will become very dormant with a very slow growth rate, perhaps more so than many other lawn types.

Growth Rate:
Water Requirements:
Mowing Height:
Shade Tolerance:
Slow to Average
Medium to Low
3/4" - 2"