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Barnyard Grass In Lawns

Barnyard Grass

Barnyard grass is a nuisance weed to most homeowners when it grows into our lawns creating a weed presence which is both ugly, and if left untreated will continue spreading throughout our lawn.

While Barnyard Grass can be a valuable crop variety for farm animals, this cultivation has lead to the grass becoming a weed for every other facet of society, from homeowners, to businesses with a garden frontage, to the environmental damage which occurs from this weed, it should be tackled as soon as possible.

Barnyard Grass is an annual grass variety which usually begins its growth cycle germinating in Spring, and in some years may even begin germinating in Winter.

As a young plant it will begin spreading along the ground with its leaves rolled into a bud like shape and having a dark red tinge to its leaves, as the weed begins to mature its leaves will unfurl and begin pointing upwards into the familiar shape of wild grasses.

When mature, Barnyard Grass will reach an average height of around 5 feet, with an abundance of grassy leaves and sending out its flowering seed heads from June through to October.

Barnyard Grass Treatment

Killing Barnyard Grass is best achieved using a pre-emergent herbicide which is applied to a known infected lawn before the grass re-emerges in Spring. Barring a pre-emergent treatment for Barnyard Grass, this weed can be controlled by a herbicide which is available at your local gardening store. Simply follow manufacturers instructions for application.

Preventing Barnyard Grass

The only real prevention for Barnyard Grass is to follow good lawn care practices, as good continuous management of our lawns will always reduce infestation of unwanted weeds and diseases by maintaining a strong healthy lawn which can best fight off infestations naturally.