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American Lawn Guide

Does Mowing the Lawn Kill Ticks?

Does Mowing the Lawn Kill Ticks

Mowing the lawn does not kill ticks. Ticks can be found in tall grass and low brush, so mowing the lawn may reduce the number of ticks in an area, but it will not eliminate them completely. To protect yourself…

How Long Does 2, 4-D Take To Work?

How Long Does 2, 4-D Take To Work

2, 4-D works by inhibiting the production of gibberellins. Gibberellins are plant hormones that promote growth. Without these hormones, plants will stop growing. 2, 4-D is absorbed through the leaves and roots of plants and translocates to the growing points.…

Does Triclopyr Kill Grass?

Does Triclopyr Kill Grass

Triclopyr is a selective herbicide that is used to kill broadleaf weeds while leaving grasses unharmed. It works by inhibiting cell growth in the leaves of broadleaf plants, causing them to turn yellow and die. Triclopyr can be applied as…

Why is My Lawn Lumpy?

Why is My Lawn Lumpy

There are a few reasons why your lawn may be lumpy. It could be due to the type of grass you have, the amount of water and fertilizer you’re using, or even insects. If you suspect insects, check for small…